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About us


FLY2WORK is a strategic partnership in the field of youth education. The project brings together 6 partners from Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

The project aims to promote youth employability by creating a methodology together with a set of tools and best practices that will help companies and, in general, all types of employers (social enterprises, foundations, associations, etc.) to design good onboarding plans that suit your needs.

This goal will be achieved through the implementation of 3 main activities that will produce the following results:


A field research to establish the state of the art of the youth unemployment situation and generate a practical and easy to use methodology for organisations/companies.

The elaboration of a practical onboarding manual based on the methodological approach of the project.

The development of a set of practical tools and courses that will enable young people to better adapt to the working environment in a short time and encourage employers to give young people their first chance.