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 The results expected are:

1. Conduct field research to establish the state of the art of the unemployment youth situation in Europe and to generate a practical and easy-to-use methodology for those organisations that wanted to do it themselves.

2. Elaborate on a practical onboarding handbook based on the project’s methodological approach and test it with different target groups.

3. Lastly, create an online digital course in order to maximize the impact of the project and get the interest of relevant stakeholders.

Toolbox for identification needs

The general object of this result is to establish a simple process on how to establish the state of the art of youth unemployment problems. The publication aims at defining a set of tools that will help partners and our collaborators identify: 

1) The needs of the participants and stakeholders by conducting field research through focus groups. 

2) The successful ongoing methodologies used to design onboarding plans. In general, there are several reports showing the needs of the participants involved in this project at the regional, national, and European levels.


The Handbook intends to bring both tools to get clarity between the requirements and the expectations and also tools and strategies to support companies in delivering a smooth onboarding, which are two aspects that are lacking in the
companies’ onboarding processes. This result is designed and divided into clear steps in order to enhance the possibility of implementation or adaptation in other countries outside the Consortium.


– Young people – Companies – HR departments – Job counseling technicians and career counselors – Social and youth institutions focus on youth employability


About this course

This course is designed to enhance your understanding and skills in effectively integrating new employees into an organisation. By learning about best practices, strategies and tools for successful onboarding, you can help create a positive and engaging experience for new employees, ultimately increasing their productivity, job satisfaction and retention. The course is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

 Course description:

In this course you will learn the best methods and practices to facilitate the positive adjustment of new employees to the company culture. Onboarding is a comprehensive process that spans more than a month and includes various stages from candidate selection to full integration into their role. Onboarding plays a crucial role in the modern labour market. It helps new employees adapt to the company culture, builds loyalty and increases engagement. From compliance to connection, onboarding covers several aspects that are critical to both the employee and the organisation. By focusing on effective onboarding, organisations can retain talent, increase productivity and create a positive working atmosphere, while employees can enjoy a sense of belonging and understanding in their roles. The course has been designed to provide you with some practical activities that you can use to facilitate the onboarding phase. It will explore the methodologies that can be used in the onboarding process and present some digital tools that can also be used in this process.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to streamline the onboarding process, foster a supportive work environment and ensure that new employees quickly become valuable contributors to the team.

 Where to find the course?

We have chosen to upload our course on UDEMY. Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 213000 courses and 62 million students.

How to roll for the Course:

It’s a free course, you just need to have an account on Udemy and click on the ‘Enroll now’ button. Just a link away to joining the course in the available languages:


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