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The project brings together 6 European partners based in :

  4. ASSOCIAZIONE TDM 2000 ODV, Cagliari (ITALY)
  6. CYPE SOFT SL, Alicante (SPAIN)

FI Group


ìWe advise companies on the management of their R&D&I financing, through the design and implementation of actions aimed at boosting their technological and economic development. These actions focused on the integral treatment of R&D&I tax incentives and the management of calls for public grants and subsidies, resulting in an improvement of the companies’ profit and loss accounts. With more than 20 years of experience, our eagerness to achieve excellence in all our services has led us to assume the leadership of the sector, both at the national and European levels, thus promoting an ambitious internationalization plan with a clear objective: to help our clients in the generation of value.
Thanks to more than 1,400 highly qualified employees, in FI Group we are committed to supporting companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity. Our team is composed of engineers or PhDs with collective expertise that covers every scientific field and other fields such as international relations, communication, economics, law, etc. We are continually consolidating our position as a multinational company and extending our business model to other services in response to clients’ needs. To date, each year, 13,500 innovative companies entrust us. We have 38 offices across 13 countries and 3 continents. Also, we believe in proximity to our clients and in providing you with support when you need

Associazione TDM2000 ODV


We were born in 2000 with a simple and ambitious idea: Helping young people from all over Europe to meet and collaborate on the common ground of intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. Through the main international mobility and education programmes, we have carried out youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and volunteer programs which have involved thousands of people in important paths of individual growth. At the same time, we have developed local projects to enhance the territory in the name of a globalization that respects identities. Subsequently, faced with a global crisis whose terrible effects especially affected the new generations, we expanded our activities to include collaboration with institutions, educational bodies and social actors. This has led to large-scale projects in the sectors of non-formal education and the transmission of transversal skills for access to the labor market. Projects that were carried out in partnership with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Regional Labor Agency, ERSU – Regional Authority for the Right to Study, the Province of Cagliari, the Municipality of Cagliari, the University, Confesercenti. At an international level, TDM 2000 has made a constant effort to build networks for the networking of good practices and experiences in the field of non-formal education. In 2008 this commitment materialized with the foundation of the international network “ TDM 2000 International ”. Today TDM 2000 is recognized as one of the main organizations in Europe in the fields of international mobility and active citizenship.

Porto Business School


,Porto Business School is a private, non-profit institution that benefits from administrative and financial autonomy within the University of Porto. PBS was imagined and founded by a group of companies as an executive business school to train management professionals and middle management and C-suite executives from those companies. Its mission is to improve the quality of management through advanced education at the postgraduate level, custom programs for organizations, start-up acceleration projects, corporate partnerships, applied research and consultancy. Porto Business School has a faculty with a wide experience in teaching and researching and an innovation unit – the Centre for Business Innovation – which is the meeting place for innovative people, new ideas, creative projects and learning organizations who want to turn innovation, entrepreneurship, digital transformation and sustainability into business reality. Its activities include a broad range of projects: from applied research in various areas, intelligence gathering (surveys, benchmarking), EU projects, training programs, consulting and business acceleration projects. Through its high-skilled team, small by design, CBI presents expertise and experience in: strategy advisory, business model design, business model innovation, business plan design, technology transfer and commercialization, economic viability evaluation, design thinking, social impact measurement, SDG’s impact measurement, benchmarking, market analysis, research activities, training programs focused on skills development in innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, access to mentors, report development, event organisation, among others.

Pistes Solidaries


Pistes-Solidaires is a European Non governmental organisation based in Pau, in the southwest of France. It is an educational organisation that champions the knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote justice and equality in our multicultural society and interdependent world. Pistes-Solidaires works to enable individuals to better understand the links between their own lives and those of others across the world.  We see education as all-encompassing and life-long, and our work in the educational domain is based on UNESCO’s four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. The organisation includes 3 working departments:  

  • Youth: this department gives people the chance to experience learning mobility through European programmes (ESC, youth exchanges, training courses). 
  • Social transition: Pistes-Solidaires aims to increase the impact of EU cooperation at local level in the following spheres: education, social inclusion, socio-cultural fields. 
  • European citizenship: we aim to augment local knowledge of Europe and European values. We were awarded the ‘Europe Direct Information Centre’ label by the European Commission in 2013. 

Cype Software


CYPE is a firm that develops and distributes technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals.
CYPE’s journey began in 1983 with an intense activity in the field of engineering and structural analysis, which motivated the computer development of applications to cover its own needs and those of its clients. The success of these programs led the company to concentrate its activity in the development, commercialisation and distribution of technical software. As a result of this work, CYPE occupies a leading position within the sector, offering a variety of programs that stand out due to the wide range of casuistry that is dealt with, the reliability of the results and the ease with which they can be managed, with over 120.000 users spread across Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia. Amongst our clients are town councils and ministries, as well as technical control organisations, universities and professional offices.



Aproximar is a non-profit NGO aiming to enhance organizations’ social and human capital as a strategy to build their capacity to take advantage of challenges and opportunities raised by external conditions. In fulfilling its mission Aproximar organizes and manages personal, social, professional, and organizational paths by means of tailor-made and social innovation projects and good practices transference and dissemination. Aproximar develops, implements, and provides services in 4 main sectors, one of them being the sector Economy, Employability. and Entrepreneurship. For each sector, we offer social innovation projects, tailor-made training, and consultancy.  Our areas of expertise are mentoring, coaching, fundraising, total quality management, social support, volunteering, training, design, and social innovation processes (new product development, tailored-made programmes, and transferring of good practices). Aproximar is an entity recognized by the General Direction of Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT) to provide training programmes and an entity accredited by the Authority of Administration of COMPETE 2020 in innovation, quality, entrepreneurship, and internationalization